SKETCHES – The Rules

In June 2019, I hosted an art sale in a flower shop. I tricked a few incredible artists to open up their sketchbooks for sale to the public. 

Andrew Sutherland
David Brits
Elsabé Milandri
Jeanne Gaigher
Katrin Coetzer
Kirsten Sims
Michael Taylor
Nabeeha Mohamed
Stephen Hitchcock

It was not your typically, fancy exhibition. The artists purposefully kept the prices INCREDIBLY low, so that first time buyers, fans and friends could access their work. This was our mini-manifesto: 

Enjoy the show, but know this:

Art is for rich people only
Art is an invitation-only private view
Frameless art is worthless art
The point of collecting art is to hide it from the ignorant
Art is only good when galleries say so
Affordable art is not good art
Sketches and prints aren’t real art
It’s not enough to simply like an artwork
Beauty is too simple and too obvious
Theft is your only likely means of acquiring art
Don’t steal the art. You will be arrested
Access to art is for the privileged few
You are not among the privileged few
Don’t ask questions about the art
Pretending to know is better than not knowing
Someone in nicer clothes will explain it to you
Don’t trust your instincts. Especially your instincts
Instincts are rash, wild and uneducated
Instincts are like children (messy)
Art can not be shown in a flower shop
Enjoy the show, but know that.

Words: Matthew Freemantle for Bielle Bellingham

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