Bielle Bellingham

Imitation Cesca Chair

R 6,500

Originally designed by Marcel Breuer in 1928, the original is available for sale through Knoll     for $938 (ex import duties.)

Our imitation Cesca chair is made in homage to Marcel Breuer, for people like me who just cannot afford the R15 000 per chair right now, but plan on buying the originals in the future. They are made in South Africa by local craftsmen and women. 

"Marcel Breuer married traditional craftsmanship with industrial methods and materials to help make tubular steel furniture an international sensation and a modern institution. The cantilevered form exploits the possibilities unique to the material and gives the chair added flexibility and comfort." Knoll

I also source second-hand ones, but they are very hard to come by, hence my need to make new ones. 

Armless with Cane Seat & Back
Estimated shipping time: 6 weeks
470 (w) x 600 (d) x 800 (h) x 450mm (seat height)

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