Bielle Bellingham

Interior Design Consulting

R 4,000

Africa is my muse. Simple is better. High art should combine with low. Neat is nice (so is minimalism), but luminosity happens in the margins of chaos. 

I gravitate towards a  broken palette, inspired by the Fauvists (the Wild Beasts) –early twentieth-century artists known for using colour to express feelings.

I’m investigating  the role that decor needs to play in our future. It needs to align with  our truth  and serve more than just 1%. 

I’m truly, madly in love with combinations, materials, shapes and colours that aren’t necessarily in good taste, but create joy and creative debate.

These are the people I love working with. 

Typically I charge R750 an hour for my time, no matter the job.
My day rate is R4,000.
For bigger projects, there is a different cost structure.
Ideation is fun, but it’s not free.

Please fill out this quick form, and I'll get back to you asap. 
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